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Sex Machines board (1 posts)

Love sex machines? Discuss them here!

BDSM - BRAZIL board (2 posts)

Um grupo de pessoas interessadas em BDSM e Fetiches que deseja aprender e dividir seu conhecimento, sua visão de vida e experiências! Nossos interesses são: ensino, eventos, amizades e diversão!

cd/tvs simulating being pregnant board (1 posts)

A group for cd/tvs who would like to simulate being pregnant, also those who love seeing cd's pregnant.

Cock stretching board (1 posts)

Im sure many slaves like cock stretching. I have been doing it for awhile to improve the length of my cock. I would like to hear of peoples technique and experience.

PUMBA BRAZIL board (1 posts)

Este grupo foi criado apenas como teste. Não deve ser usado.

FISTING SP BRAZIL (Brasil) board (6 posts)

Praticantes e curiosos do Fistng principalmente entre Homens e Mulheres.

Caribbean Bacchanal board (1 posts)

its about how sexual you can do it, where, when, what, who

CHILE board (2 posts)

Para los que vivimos en este aislado pais en el fin del mundo.



Indiana Glory Holes board (1 posts)

I have been interested in Glory Holes for some time now, but it is hard to find a decent, organized listing. So, I decided to make a group for each state. Open to all, but please only list holes that reside in this state, as there will be a group for every state. Try to list addresses if known, for those who may not be familiar with certain cities. Also, please list if said hole is serviced by males, females, or both, and what days are good to frequent them.

Anal stretching? board (1 posts)

Anyone can join that want's to stretch their assholes as wide as is safely possible. Cum share your links to yours & others fun here...... ☻

Ponderings, Perusals and Perverted Piffle board (1 posts)

A place for all those random thoughts and questions that just don't meet the specifics of the other groups you belong to. Enquiring minds want to know ... just play "nice" and ponder away and don't make me use the big stick grins

Felching Fans: The Art of the Felch board (1 posts)

This is a happy place for any one into giving or receiving felching can get together and talk about what we love. That is eating semen as it oozes out of an recently fucked asshole. C'mon in and be a part of the group if you're a felcher too.

HeroMachine Erotica board (2 posts)

The Heromachine is a program for creating illustrations of characters, mostly superheroes with a dash of traditional fantasy, sci-fi, and ordinary life. It is located at and comes in several versions; in each case, you pick a standardized pose for your character and then select components from an extensive list. While there are of course limits on what it can do - no glaive-guisarmes or pentaceratops heads at the moment - the supply of options is sufficient to have a great deal of fun with. I've found working on HeroMachine to be a very sexually charged experience, and have created some very hot images, which I would post here if I could figure out how to embed images on this site. Anyone else who has this knowledge already, or who has HeroMachine images on their profile page that they can link to (this is probably what I'll eventually end up doing with mine), show us the sexiest work you've created with this fine piece of software.

living as oriental and arabian slave board (1 posts)

this group for those who love to live as a slave in an old oriental life and for Mastersand Mistresses that loves to have oriental slave

Singapore Bondage board (3 posts)

Started as an effort to have Singaporeans have their humble two cents on almost anything. Go ahead and say your piece.

African Americans and BDSM - Research Survey Questionnaire board (4 posts)

A space for persons of African descent involved in the BDSM lifestyle to participate in a questionnaire about their lives and reflections on the possibilities for transcending race and healing through BDSM practices. I'm not concerned about race. If you consider yourself African American by virtue of cultural experience, I would like to hear from you. If you consider yourself merely post-racial, I'd also like to hear from you. This is, after all, the age of Obama! I am a Professor of Ethnic Studies in California and am continuing research toward the creation of a collection of oral narratives of persons of African descent who practice BDSM. I have no limitations concerning the range of fetishes or desires or sexual preference. I am putting together a collection of narratives that is LGBTQ friendly and I'm seeking to capture the broadest possible range of experiences in BDSM.

Chinese Bondage etc. board (8 posts)

There is such a thing as Chinese Bondage, and it's quite different from Japanese Bondage. I don't know much about it, and most of what I do know was gleaned from a few yahoo groups but unfortunately most of them have degenerated into spam channels. So I've made this group in the hope that people who know something about Chinese Bondage and/or are curious to know more can have somewhere to share their interest. For all I know there may be other Asian bondage styles and traditions that are pretty much unknown. That's why there's an "etc." in the group name! Please note that this is not a pick-up group. If a post does not say or ask something about our subject it will be deleted as spam.

Fisting Brazil board (1 posts)

A place for Brazillian Adepts chat, find people and more about the art of fisting. Wellcome. Um lugar para Brasileiros conversarem, encontrar outrar pessoas e aprender mais sobre a arte do Fisting! Bem-vindos.

Indiana Domestic Discipline Lifestylers board (1 posts)

Callin' all Hoosier Spankos! Get up to date on all the local spanko parties in your area! Meet like minded folks and start discussion topics about all things DD! All members in this group will recieve discounted fees to local spanko parties! Lets get together, yeah yeah yeah!

Should watching Lavern and Shirley be everyone's hard limit as a given? board (2 posts)

What things are so off limits hey should never be on the table. watching Laverne and Shirley is obviously so vile that it tops the list.

Brazilian Latex lovers board (2 posts)

For people who wants to share the love for latex fetish wear, chat and socialize. Let's also share photos and links about it !!

Asian Sensations... board (1 posts)

A group of asians from around the world who would like to share their personal kinks to one another. A great way to explore and know one another and to make friends...

Ninja Rhinos with Japanese accents who kidnap Hello Kitty, and the people who love them board (1 posts)

Any ninja rhinos with Japanese accents who kidnap and interrogate Hello Kitty, and anybody who loves said rhinos.

BDSM Pakistan board (2 posts)

A place for the Pakistani BDSM community to discuss BDSM and find like-minded individuals. If you like to post ads, You are welcome to Post your ads on this group Classifieds Tips to post Classified ads []
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