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BDSM Bulgaria board (2 posts)

A group for like minded people from Bulgaria. Feel free to stay, discuss the world of BDSM or try to find a partner to explore it with. Писането на кирилица е силно препоръчително, освен ако няма разумна причина за обратното.

Chinese Bondage etc. board (2 posts)

There is such a thing as Chinese Bondage, and it's quite different from Japanese Bondage. I don't know much about it, and most of what I do know was gleaned from a few yahoo groups but unfortunately most of them have degenerated into spam channels. So I've made this group in the hope that people who know something about Chinese Bondage and/or are curious to know more can have somewhere to share their interest. For all I know there may be other Asian bondage styles and traditions that are pretty much unknown. That's why there's an "etc." in the group name! Please note that this is not a pick-up group. If a post does not say or ask something about our subject it will be deleted as spam.

Anal stretching? board (2 posts)

Anyone can join that want's to stretch their assholes as wide as is safely possible. Cum share your links to yours & others fun here...... ☻

SBK - South Bend Kink (Indiana) board (2 posts)

This group is for kinksters in the South Bend, Indiana, greater Michiana, and surrounding areas to meet and socialize with like-minded people. This groups focus is acceptance of people, in all walks of life, and welcomes all individuals to post and meet at the events. This group is, in a nutshell, a framework for the community to use. We host monthly munches, demos/classes, discussion groups, and play parties. These are all events that are meant to give everyone opportunities to meet other like-minded people. We simply offer the platform for other events, ideas, and gathering to jump off from. Our focus with the group has slowly evolved over the last two years, but we do not eliminate any fetish or kink. We are focused mostly on the BDSM lifestyle and we pride ourselves on educating others within that lifestyle, and providing a safe and welcoming environment to all of our members. If you are in another lifestyle or community and would like to integrate that community within this group, we would love to see what we can do. We are always open to ideas, and we will support everyone as much as we can.

Fisting & Stretching Fans of New York board (2 posts)

I am a big fan of fisting and looking for other like minded people in the NY area who would be interested in Experimenting and Exploring this fetish as a group.

Indiana Polyamory board (2 posts)

This group is for anyone in Indiana who identifies as or is curious about polyamory. I will update this group description as needed.

Big Nigger Cock board (2 posts)

A group for those Black Men who have a beautiful Big Nigger Cock (BNC), Big Black Cock (BBC), or Big Black Dick (BBD) to give, and those white women, sissies, trannies, cuckolds or subs who want a BNC, BBC, or BBD to worship, or just like to talk about BNC, BBC, or BBD in the right context without fear of being attacked. In this group, the "N" word, no matter which form is used, is a term of endearment and a recognition of Black Sexual Superiority that goes beyond the size of the penis, including the exciting contrast of Black on white, the powerful muscularity, athleticism, and dominant personalities of Black Men. BNC can refer to a big person, a big cock, or both. In no way is it to be used as a demeaning word or as a racial slur or put down of any person. Anyone who does so is subject to being banned from the group.

Indianapolis Area Meeting Place board (2 posts)

Just a random non-kink specific group for the Indianapolis Area. All kinks welcome. Post what's going on and any events that others might be interested in, also post if you're looking for friends, no play mate posts please. Keep playmate posts, out of here, If you're looking for kinky playmates post in Indy Connections **

White Owners and nigger property board (2 posts)

A gathering place for White Owners and their nigger property. Those interested in becoming owners or niggers seeking to eventually be placed on the auction block are also welcome. This is NOT a group for those seeking "hookups" or "play"... It is for those who understand the concept of true ownership or truly desire that knowledge.

Hucow - udder machine board (2 posts)

What is a hucow: The term hu-cow is an blended word for human cow, which is another of the many forms of human animal role-play fetishes which includes: horse/pony; canine/puppy/dog/wolf; feline/kitten/tiger or other big cats; therians ~ Therianthropy - refers to the metamorphosis of humans into animals - example: were-wolves/Lycans; or any other human animal role based or either real-life animals or those of fiction & fantasy (ex: dragons). Definition Hu-cows are: human females (sometimes males) maintained for the production of human milk outside of the traditional time of lactation for their own offspring. Short explanation of this activity They are sometimes kept as milking livestock for the convenience, pleasure and potential profit by their owners. As such, their udders (breasts) are *usually" milked on a regular basis (sometimes as often as two to three times a day) using either a bio-cow or bio-goat milking machine (or udder machine) while often being placed on a "milking stand". They are sometimes kept in stalls in either diary barns, garages, or basements of a household, depending on the type and size of herd being maintained by a particular Owner of a herd of hu-cows. As with other forms of human animal role-play, this fetish has nothing to do with beastiality or Zoophilia.

Merrillville Slosh Group (NW Indiana) board (26 posts)

We are a great bunch of Kinky People, that get together for drinks once a month in Merrillville, IN. We currently meet at Hydads Bar We meet the 2nd Thursday of every month at 7 p.m. We love to have a good time, make new friends and learn from each other in the lifestyle.

Watching Men Masturbate board (2 posts)

For all those that love watching men masturbate. Looking for someone to watch or someone to watch you? Maybe you can find them here!!

Travel partner or travelling to your area board (2 posts)

There are times when we travel for business or pleasure and would be interested in having company or meeting if only for the break from solitude. It may be for no more than coffee to discuss common interests or it can be on whatever terms to which the parties agree. this group is for both singles and couples who seek someone to join them on vacation for the sole express interest in having their needs fulfilled. Perhaps there are others who find this opportunity to meet interesting and would post their general location or travel plans with a short description of expectations. No need to say this, but I will anyway: Be safe.

The India Kink Collective board (2 posts)

This group is for anyone who is interested in participating in workshops and play shops (with a focus on skill building and practice) or talking about what more we want - whether its exploring newer kinks, more information, more support within the community or raising awareness about kink outside the community...moving towards a more kink friendly world. This is a space to discuss and share - How our kinkyness relates to the rest of our life - family, friends, colleagues, doctors... - Any thing at all to do with kink that confuses us, excites us, that pushes our and others boundaries, without the fear of being judged. - Anything kinky we might have read, or kinky films we might have seen. - Medical and legal discussions about kink This group, has been started by the Kinky Collective, which seeks to raise awareness about kink in society as well as to strengthen the community in India. We want India to be a safer and sexier place for all those who are considered to be 'sexual perverts'. At present, the members of the Kinky Collective are Brain Bruno, Aldebaran, Baby Dyke, Austin Ashford, Lakeisha Larochelle, Bea Baylon, hhotnes, JWalker, Jamar Jefcoat, Tomas Tricarico, Ross Rients, Nestor Nodal, Sunny Sub, Kasey Kamp, Carlos Cambron, Tyree Tesar, Vicky King.

tit punching board (2 posts)

A group for dominant men who need to use their woman's breasts as punching bags and the women who encourage their men to use their bodies in this way despite the damage they may sustain. This is risk aware and consensual kink, please refrain from joining if you object to the premise of this group.

Models/Photographers in Las Vegas(or Traveling to) board (2 posts)

Models, and photographers either based in Las Vegas or traveling to the area. A group to network, show off, throw ideas around, plan collaborations and notify everyone of your projects.

Hitchin' Bitches Arizona board (2 posts)

This is the virtual group for female rope riggers/rope tops/dominants in Arizona. We meet to learn, share, and experience rope first hand based upon the Peer to Peer and un-conference learning and sharing concepts. As a group for female riggers, women do the tying, the teaching, the demoing and the topping at this event. Hitchin' Bitches started first in late 2011 in London and seeks to provide a relaxed space in which more women feel confident to start exploring ropes, as well as function as a network for those passionate about rope. HB is not intended to replace your involvement in other rope groups, but to act merely as a supplement to other local rope groups and to offer a learning environment that fosters the rope education for female rope riggers. We welcome all women who live full time as women and FTM, genderqueer and intersexed persons who feel that they still have links to women's communities. Hitchin’ Bitches is not about female supremacy. It is a place for women to grow their skill with rope together. Hitchin’ Bitches fully supports rope education for everyone no matter their gender identification. Hitchin’ Bitches has identified a weakness in the current rope community and looks to correct this by providing a safe space for women to learn. Hitchin’ Bitches is not about cruising or pick-ups. It is first and foremost an educational environment. This is not to say that you cannot have fun but the spirit of the community is education. Except for the usual updates and announcements in regards to the meet ups, here we can also continue discussions, set up extra curricular activities, share our work, talk about our passion(s), and keep in contact with each other. If you are new and will be attending for the first time, please message Darius Doll. We are happy to introduce you to other people on the day and will promise everyone of us are a lovely bunch of rope nuts. You can always bring a rope-bottom of any gender, as long as this person understands the ethos of the space and respects that. Rope Bottoms can do the same.

BDSM expats and foreigners in Turkey board (2 posts)

A group for kinky BDSM expats and foreigners visiting/living in Turkey. The group language is ENGLISH. Play nice, behave and have fun!

Distrito Federal - BRAZIL board (2 posts)

Comunidade destinada aos que moram em Brasília, Brasil. Não apenas aos Doms/Dommes, subs/slaves e amantes do BDSM, mas para todos os fetichistas, tarados e taradas que buscam um local para conhecer parceiros para realizar seus impulsos sexuais e discutir nossos paradigmas e sentimentos. Todos serão bem-vindos, desde que respeitem a todos. ==== This is a group for those who live in Distrito Federal, Brazil. I won't translate it, but if anyone translate I will be thankfull. (My english is awful, I know =D!)

Indianapolis (Indy), IN Classifieds board (2 posts)

A place for people in and around Indianapolis to find what they are looking for through advertisement.

Japan Kinky Personals & Classified board (2 posts)

Are you in Japan? Or coming shortly? Do you have a collar to sell? Want to buy a whip? Got two copies of the same kinky book and wish to sell one? Looking for a kinky partner in crime? Offering your submission? Need a masochist to beat up? A rope bunny to practice your ties with? Or do you simply want to go out for drinks with people you can talk freely about your kinky side? Here is the place to post your adverts. Please note that standard and for the site apply. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Other related groups of interest: Fetish Japan Japan Fetish Ball - Tokyo Kinky Society

Japan Kinky Personals & Classified board (2 posts)

Are you in Japan? Or coming shortly? Do you have a collar to sell? Want to buy a whip? Got two copies of the same kinky book and wish to sell one? Looking for a kinky partner in crime? Offering your submission? Need a masochist to beat up? A rope bunny to practice your ties with? Or do you simply want to go out for drinks with people you can talk freely about your kinky side? Here is the place to post your adverts. Please note that standard and for the site apply. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Other related groups of interest: Fetish Japan Japan Fetish Ball - Tokyo Kinky Society

Latina Mistresses and the Men Who Adore Them board (2 posts)

Latina Mistresses/Goddesses that want to have a place to discuss certain topics. Men that love Latina women in charge. Latina Women who are proud to be Latina and be in a Dominant role looking for subs/slaves. Latinas and Latinos that love the lifestyle.

Adventures, Vagabonding, Travel & kink-friendly Couchsurfing board (2 posts)

For people who love the romantic aspect of traveling free, like a person on a quest, letting adventure come to them. Also for people who are open to hosting kinky travelers who may be in the middle of an adventure (ressource thread here), in all respect and without hidden agendas. Or for people who are just curious to hear about the adventures of others. I am living out of my backpack, couchsurfing across the US. I try not to over plan to much, I don't have a specific destination, and I'm not in any one place for a pre-planned amount of time. This is not a vacation, its my life. I just travel because it makes me feel free. I am a vagabond, a gypsy... r u like me? I looked for a place on this site to connect with other people who loved hardcore travel and also bdsm, but I couldn't find any, so I started one up!

Gut Punching board (2 posts)

This group is for guys who are interested in giving/receiving punchies in their stomach/gut. Also includes pec punching, kicks, knee-lifts, stomps, trampling and punches to the ribs.
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