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Hello all you beautiful people, I am so pleased to see this group growing! Please introduce yourselves! Let us in on who you are! I am trying to get to know all of you also! It is so interesting to find so many Bi switches here! LOVES IT! Take care ...

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Well I thought I'd keep all you beautiful woman posted on my progress. I hit the 100lb mark this week. Since July of last year when I started this journey I have lost a total of 101lbs . Thank you to all those who have shown me support. Only 100 ...

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Girls nite out!

Hey Beauties! Is anyone game for a gathering at a bar/club somewhere or sometime soon? My idea, happy hour at a yummy mexican place with good food. Then carpooling to a lesbian bar? Whats your idea? xox

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journal entry

Anyone knows how to convert a vanilla girl into the fet world please read my journal entry on my page and help a girl out

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Let's Meet Up Tonight, 7/24 in Pasadena or Club Lair

I rarely get nights away from my beautiful kids and would love to hook up with some playful women. I plan on going to The Colorado Bar in Pasadena around 10:30 or Cluv Lair for the first time. I'm not sure yet but I will be with Sir H. I ...

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Mean Sisters suck!

Hi Ladies, I am really down today! I went to my sisters last night to change and head to kareoke. She started a fight with in 10 minutes. She picks a fight over something she misconstrues, then I apologize for her thinking Ive done something to wrong her, then I ...

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Lets try to plan a fri nite out soon, chat, xox!!!

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My introduction.

Hello everyone, I just wanted to take a moment and introduce myself and this group. My name is John and I have been in the lifestyle for a little over a decade. My wife and I have been on a self imposed exile for a couple of years now. This ...

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