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Group Introductions

This group is for queers into 1950s Household (obviously) and fetish. It's fine to be in this group if you aren't living 1950s 24/7 but of course we welcome you if you strive to live that way as well! I would like to introduce myself, as every good hostess should, ...

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Favorite 50s Educational Videos

I've had a few questions about what my favorite 1950s educational videos are, so I thought I'd make a separate post to share some of them. All of these were turned into training assignments (usually some sort of "write a report as to how you can apply this to our ...

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Southern Justice at the SF Citadel Tomorrow Night!

I hope to see you all there, it'll be a REALLY fun class!!! Description below, class RSVP page HERE SF Citadel Presents: Southern Justice Tues. Feb. 23rd 8PM – 10PM (Doors open at 7:30) Admission: $20 per person The South does not play when it comes to disciplining bad behavior. ...

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SF Citadel Presents: Cruisin' for a Bruisin' Wednesday 3/24, 8pm

Admission: $20 per person While some 50s role players enjoy being rebels without a cause, there are those of us who like to dream about a more idealized 1950s nuclear family like that of Donna Reed. In Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’ we will explore the very loving and practical methods ...

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1950s Domestic Discipline Class Wed. Night @ the Citadel!

Oh my goodness gracious, for all those living in San Francisco, the next class in my Domestic Discipline series is nearly upon us!!! I am all busy preparing last minute details and surprises... and I met with my stunt bottom, the always awesome Asher for a bit of practice tonight ...

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Mommy Panel at the SF Citadel Tuesday June 22 at 8pm!

Daddy/Girl and Daddy/Boy are two dynamics that are frequently discussed, widely understood, fairly accepted and commonly prevalent in the leather, kink, LGBT and BDSM communities. SF Citadel and Alix Iron of the Inverted Eye are proud to present the Mommy/Boy & Mommy/Girl panel, in order to shed some much needed ...

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Looking for a lonely milf

This Canadian Gent is visiting in January and would love to have a get together with a lonely Asian milf, will treat you as a princess. Do please drop a note lets get to know each other. John

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