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out takes..favorite things.

whats a favorite thing you like your dom to do to you?

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doms and masters and their favorites.

i like an indian women in indian clothes with nice lingerie underneath.....sari's really do it for me. yea. always should have a nice pedicure with nails on hands and feet done. Indian women from north india is preferrable for me. Indian women are marvelous....especially to play with!! oooh!

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Attention Indian Subs...

Hello there Indian subs.. I would like all of you to discuss on how you approach a top or a Master?? are you successfull in grabbing their attention.. and also Dominant Masters, how do you approach your sub/slave first time?? I`m a Dominant Master from south India looking for a ...

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slavegirl wanted

33 M DOM India(mumbai). i hv over 10 yrs experience in the lifestyle. a loyal, obedient slim slavegirl is wanted. girls can contact me on yahoo messenger (id is masterjewelking)

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Looking for pictures of 2 or more males attached pair

Looking for pictures of 2 or more males attached together by split ball collars. Naked Male Slaves leashed or tethered by their "BALLS" Naked male pets kept on all "fours" with ball stretching extensions

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